Control Innovations is an electronics and instrumentation manufacturing business based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Originally focused on oil and gas well drilling instrumentation and well servicing applications, we have since extended our manufacturing to include electronics and instrumentation for petrochemical processing, the transportation sector, mining, construction, utilities and manufacturing controls. Our 13,500 sq.ft. production facility is located in Calgary’s most technologically advanced industrial park, the Eastlake Industrial Center.

In operation since 2000, we are a multi-faceted company: 

  • Working in close concert with our customers, we assume responsibility for certain manufacturing needs and private label production with a faster turnaround time and a lower cost than our customers can on their own. It is our value proposition and it allows them to either retain a higher profit or reduce costs to bolster their competitiveness.
  • We specialize in turnkey project delivery, from design, manufacturing and installation, to the servicing, repair and re-calibration of field equipment. Our electronics, electrical and electromechanical manufacturing capabilities provide customers with a fully integrated product solution.
  • Our product output is not only designed for dependability but from an environmental perspective much of our production is expected to operate flawlessly under harsh Canadian winter conditions

The Control Innovations Advantage

  • Flexibility to adapt to changes in client priorities and production schedules.
  • Complete in-house turnkey services, reducing costs, and compacting delivery schedules while ensuring quality control.
  • Expertise in services designed for harsh environments & hazardous locations.
  • An operating architecture that facilitates fast turnaround on service, repair and re-calibration needs.
  • Integrated supply chain to manage procurement and warehousing of inventory.
  • A combustible gas calibration laboratory intended for testing and calibration of gas sensors & analyzers.
  • A 50GPM parts washer, a 2000PSI pressure washer, a bead blaster and a 100CFM air compressor, all of which are used in our service department. This helps us return serviced equipment to the field in like new condition.

In today’s business environment, successful manufacturers must be able to rapidly adapt and adjust their costing and production strategies. Those that can respond quickly have a stronger and more competitive ability to meet customer and marketplace needs. Control Innovations is in the business of helping enterprises to achieve these objectives. We do so by facilitating the ability of business to focus their time and resources on their core competencies and in so doing, strengthen their bottom line.